Escort Job

Escort Job – How to find the right agency

Do you yearn for a luxurious lifestyle and want to pursue a lucrative job as an escort lady? Then the first step is finding and choosing a reputable escort service provider. This is really important if you want to become a passionate escort lady. For those looking for an escort agency for an escort job, then be sure to spend plenty of time on research and paying attention to numerous aspects of the agency. It is also advisable to visit the agency before first starting the job. This is because it will help you determine if everything is right and your needs will be met. Have a look at the following hints and tips, so that it will be a no-brainer as to which agency to choose and to get started with your dream job.


An escort lady should be at a renowned and recognized escort service

An important indicator of seriousness regarding an escort service starts with the main preoccupation of the owner. This is important because it’s about your welfare. In addition, it is crucial that the escort agency is always available for their escorts should there ever be an emergency to arise.

If the erotic services company is run by a woman, who was once herself an escort, then this is advantageous since female-managed companies offer great working conditions, are often a little more comfortable and you won’t be afraid of abuse. At the end of the day, it’s the big picture that matters most so remember that first impressions should always count when considering a job at an agency.


An escort job interview is an indicator of unfair practices

If you’ve been invited to interview for an escort job, be sure to be aware of the circumstances beforehand. Insist on meeting the boss in person prior in order to leave a good impression. You should also only meet in the office of the agency and refuse a meeting that is to be held, for example, at a private residential address or a hotel. A reputable service agency always has business rooms where such job interviews can take place.


Escort job – no compulsion to work as escort

You alone can decide whether you want to meet a guest or not. A reputable agency will never persuade or compel you to go to an appointment. There is no compulsion! Moreover, there is no reason to go to bed with a customer without any accord. You are a lady companion who can be booked for erotic dates. You should be treated appropriately and if you have the impression that it’s all about quick sex, then you’d better refrain from engaging.


Search large and well-known companies for a job as an escort lady

As an escort lady, you of course want to make money with your job. This is why niche companies are not the right place for you. Make sure that it is a large company with an appropriate customer base so you can make sure that you have a decent amount of jobs. It is best to go after an agency that has been in the market for over five years because that says something about their constant success and respectability.


The time factor in an escort job casting

A potential employer always enough time for a detailed interview with job-seeking women. A reputable agency operator will invite you to his company in order to answer any questions and to show you the premises. If you feel rushed during the interview then be careful. It could be that the owner is trying to push something on you.  As a reputable company, the escort agency should be accessible at any time of the day or night for all of their escorts. For this purpose, there is a special emergency number. If an employer doesn’t offer this then the working conditions are most likely not going to be taken seriously.


The commission of the agency from the escort job

All agencies will require some sort of commission but it should never be above 40 percent. For the mediation of bookings, this is an adequate value and if the owner asks for more, you should probably switch employers.


The registered office of the company

No matter the company, they should always be registered in the country they operate in. for instance, our company is registered in Switzerland and is thus subject to the laws and provisions of Swiss law and the registered office must be located in Switzerland. If their agency is located in a non-EU country then be careful and know that it could be a dubious company.


The website of the agency needs to be professional, clear and concise

An escort service is always careful to leave a good impression. This can already be done at home. The website of the agency should be clear and appealing. There should also be details regarding the escorts and a lot of information about the company itself. Transparency plays an important role. Most also have a category titled, “Escort job” with the most important information for job-seeking women. Both background information, as well as prices, needs to be present on the website. If the website is not appealing or even non-existent, then take this as a negative point. Especially since less booking means less fun and money for your job as an escort lady.