Escort Encyclopedia

Escort Service

An escort service means a service company that specializes in erotic dates. Primarily serving as an escort service for customers who are looking for female companionship. What an escort service can offer can differ significantly from company to company. Also the erotic aspect is an important point of an escort agency.


Call Girls

These are ladies who are ready to be booked as an escort companion. Their male counterparts are referred to as call boys. Dating a call girl doesn’t only entail sexual services. She is often also a companion for business meetings or to go to places such as the opera. Erotic moments are of course possible with any call girl though. Those who wish to book entertainment and eroticism should book a call girl. Most call girls are self-employed or freelance workers and are therefore not employed by an escort agency.


Out-call / in-call

In call means that you will go to a location that the escort has in mind. Out call means that the escort will come to your place, hotel, or wherever else you ask. Either option means plenty of sensual hours will be had.



The Kama Sutra has its origins in India and means “verses of desire”. This is a scripture that survived for many centuries and now also enjoys worldwide reputation. The book contains numerous erotic texts and pictures of sexual positions. The various sexual practices are clearly described. In many cases, the Indian book has enriched the sex lives of couples and also comes in handy for erotic services.


Safe Sex

Safe sex is sex that is practiced exclusively with contraceptives such as condoms. Safe sex is a measure of protection, which protects against sexually transmitted diseases and other communicable diseases such as HIV.


Erotic Girlfriend

Erotic girlfriend is a gimmick that can be found in most escort services repertoire. It’s not just about sex. The escort lady, immersed in this role, will be a passionate, intimate and tender playmate behind closed doors. In public, you two will seem like a real pair of lovers that hold a deep bond.


Dominant escorts

Compared to an erotic girlfriend, a dominant escort is more extreme. If you ever dreamt of being dominated by a woman then these escort ladies will make your wish come true. You can book a dominant escort with boots, whip and a vocabulary that makes her call all of the shots.


Tantric Massage

Tantric massage originated in India, just like the Kamasutra. It is not a normal massage, but a spiritual experience that has erotic backgrounds and simultaneously reveals healing properties. Often, tantric massages are also applied specifically in the genital area, to experience sexual pleasure on a new level. The massage of the female sex organ is called “yoni massage”. The man‘s massage is called lingam massage. The goal of a tantric massage is not always for sexual climax. It’s much more about the special and intense experience of sexual arousal.


Erogenous zones

All people have erogenous zones – but where it is found varies from person to person. Some people have their erogenous zones on the nipples, others by the belly button. Since there are very different touches and points, you should help your counterpart find where this is. Tell your perfect lady where it makes you tingle. Please know that erogenous zones may change throughout your lifetime.